This is how we looked on 4th January
Stud houses look so dark as snow on rooftops blocking out all light
KKaloke Kira in her new home 2ndJan.
Owner: Joyce Ptaszek
Some photos from Kayli's 3rd litter (xCh.Kaloke Quixote)
And here is an update pic of Selkie & Saladin from Kayli's previous (2nd) litter
Selkie & Saladin July 2009
Selkie & Saladin Jan.2010
Owner: John Barclay
And even worse 2 days later, on
6th- 8th January 2010
stud houses
up the road
dodown the road
DugDug-out path to get to stud houses!
Also from Kayli's 2nd litter
Here he is gaining his CFF title in New York
January 2010
Owner: Olga Bradley
And here is Kira in July 2010
having SUCH FUN!