from March 2013

Quite a surprise to see the snow on 11th March 2013.
Here is Kovico - a big lad at 7 months - enjoying his first 'snow'
Kamalini, Kovico and Kasha
16th March 2013

I always think it funny the way the cats all like to re-arrange their blankets to suit themselves.
Here is how Kasha and Kamalini have re-arranged their blankets
Karehana and
Keisha's kittens
-4 weeks old -
17th March 2013
Kovico - still not quite 6 months
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Kittens from litters by Karehana (4) and Keisha (1) x Ch. Kaloke Quixote
at 8 and 9 weeks - April 2013
big brother Kovico and little brother
sealpoint male 9 weeks
(Ch. Kaloke Quixote x Karehana
sealpoint male - 9 weeks
(Ch. Kaloke Quixote x Ch. Kaloke Keisha)
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Repeat mating of Kovico - see Kovico's pedigree
9 months - April 2013