from October 2010
Some more of Kayli's 4th litter kittens on this page
Keisha and Kia - 4 months
October 2010
This is here from 25th November...
Kaloke Jiao-long SPM/N
Left - as a little kitten
and Right at 5 months
November 2010
Kaloke Xiulan BPF
at 5 months
Xiulan and Jiao-long are owned by my good friend  Gracia Grant
and still - 5th December 2010
up the road
path to stud houses
inside Quixote's run!
inside Kasimir's run!
Kandi and Heidi (aka 'Kismet') are owned by Muriel Hamilton
CPF 'Kaloke Chocolate-Kandi
and BPF Kaloke Kismet -aka 'Heidi'
aged 6 months Dec.2010